I Don’t Move, You Move Me i
BLW Residency, 2018

I Don’t Move, You Move Me i was shown at Back Lane West residency space, Redruth, at the end of a one month residency during 2018.

I Don’t Move, You Move Me i is a modular installation made up of sculpture and slide projections. It weaves together a collection of static and moving fragments that interact with each other, exploring the idea of potential shifts. These lead to moments of both controlled and happenstance successes and failures.

The modular sculptures combine details from decorative and architectural forms such as stucco and table legs, and can be rearranged and reconfigured endlessly.

These are accompanied by two slide projections featuring photographs of decorative interiors and furniture pieces, placed side by side to create a single image when viewed. Despite featuring images from the neoclassical and baroque periods, they convey a sense of displacement, akin to scenes from science fiction films. Each has a randomised timer setting, resulting in constantly changing combinations. By relinquishing control to the projected slides' random timers, the viewer is invited to create their own connections and narratives between the images.

Having an absence of characters in the installation creates an eerie sense of being in an in-between space, as well as an unease and anticipation of something about to happen.

The combination of classical and modernist influences and interactions in the sculptures and slides are inspired by my two grandfathers' backgrounds in furniture making. My British grandfather made utilitarian wartime and post-war furniture, while my German grandfather, a carpenter and teacher, was fond of decorative and classical furniture.


I Don’t Move, You Move Me i, 2018
Coloured plaster casts in various shapes and sizes, black foam rectangles, coloured foam shapes, rubber tubing, plastic cones, glass domes, wooden stands, cork mats, coloured perspex, painting convex glass ovals, wooden table, slide projectors, timers, projector stands
Dimensions variable