Between Dry Air & Wet Grass


Between Dry Air and Wet Grass is a short poem that delves into the complexities of human connection, memory, and absence.

In the poem, communication, distance, and interruption are interwoven with reflections on my dual British/German nationality and the distinctive topography of both countries. The verses refer to my daily phone conversations, texts and emails with my mother in Germany during lockdown. The text explores the space within these landscapes, serving as a metaphor for navigating emotional and physical distances.

Throughout, communication nuances are examined, highlighting potential slippages and misunderstandings inherent to language and technology. Through its content and design, the poem visualises the delays, gaps, and disconnections in our exchanges.

Between Dry Air & Wet Grass, 2022

Between Dry Air and Wet Grass, 2022
Oil on paper, watercolour on paper, laser print on paper, inkjet ink on cotton fabric, glazed earthenware, wooden shelf
Dimensions variable