Liminal Residency
with Sorcha Williams
TAP, Southend, Essex

A collaboration with Sorcha Tudor-Williams. 
A deconstructed story, made into a script and audio which only describe actions and props to accompany this.

Extract from Script for an Unknown Play:

Scene: The room is small, simply furnished and a little untidy. There is a heavy oak dining table in the centre, with six hard looking chairs around it. In a corner of the room is a chair on a raised platform. There are two doors (both of which open inwardly); one Downstage R, leading to the hall and one Downstage L, leading to the kitchen; a long, low, mullioned window is to be found backstage on the left; it overlooks the barn and milking sheds, which are divided by a narrow winding track leading to the main road and the town.

FEMALE CHARACTER #1. (She is a faded, wispy, rather helpless creature. Ill health and worry have played havoc with her physic and completely obscured the fact of her former prettiness).

FEMALE CHARACTER #2. (She is a large lady with manly features and a strong look).

CHILD. (A young girl, of no more than eight years of age, enters the room with a tray of tea).

FEMALE CHARACTER #1. (Troubled; her hand trembles as she pours out the tea).

MALE CHARACTER. (He is a solid burly individual; slow to think, speak and act. He rarely bothers to change from his corduroy breeches, old brown tweed sports coat and khaki shirt. Today being Sunday he has gone to the trouble of putting on a khaki tie to match his old army shirt).

FEMALE CHARACTER #2. (She pulls black knickers up her legs and over her rump. Next she lowers her backside onto the chair and wiggles her right and then her left foot into her comfy black tennis shoes).

(A few seconds elapse. A door is heard to slam somewhere within the house, also the faint strains of a wireless).

FEMALE CHARACTER #2. (There, without looking at her audience, she forces her trembling flesh past the others and onto a makeshift stage).

FEMALE CHARACTER #1. (Goes up to the stage, speaks quietly but with tremendous feeling).

CHILD. (She is very frightened but tries to hide the fact).
MRS 1. (Realises she has said too much and goes to the stove, pensively lighting a cigarette).

MALE CHARACTER. (Unemotionally looks towards the corner of the room).

FEMALE CHARACTER #1. (She is very close to tears).