Leadworks, Plymouth, Plymouth Art Weekender, 2020
Sovay Berriman, Dean Knight, Patrick Lowry, Alice Mahoney

Borderlands is a collaborative installation between myself and artists Sovay Berriman, Dean Knight and Patrick Lowry. The project is an exercise in building a shared and overlapping narrative through conversations about liminality, transition, and the tensions of authenticity and what is manufactured. We are particularly interested in the spaces between things, including the boundaries between onstage and backstage, and what lies beyond.

My contributions include dyed textiles that served as a form of painting, as well as soft sculptures featuring motifs taken from plaid patterns, architectural forms, bridges, arches, body parts, and abstract shapes. They physically and metaphorically linked and interacted with the other works within the space, exploring ideas around meeting points and edges. These overlapping objects are designed to act as props, implying the potential to be activated.


Borderlands, 2020
Soft sculptures of various shapes and sizes, painted linen and cotton made of velvet, wadding, nylon fabric, bed linen, water colours, ink, inkjet printer ink, thread
Dimensions variable