The Only Thing More Slippery Than The Elbow
Auction House, Redruth, 2022
Emily Hawes, Andy Harper, Leila Galloway, Georgia Gendall, Jane Darke, Rachael Jones, Alice Mahoney, Finlay Abbott Ellwood, Simon Bayliss, Mollie Goldstrom, Lizzie Ridout, Flo Brooks, Olivia Brelsford-Massey

Between Dry Air and Wet Grass is a sculptural installation grouping objects varying in material, texture, and weight to explore ideas around the landscape. While some objects are made from a combination of waste and byproducts, others misuse materials to disrupt ‘correct’ methodologies in making.

Inspired by a piece of my writing with the same title, the installation creates playful interactions to reflect on communication, distance and interruption. It also draws on my dual British and German nationality and the topography of those different landscapes and the space between them.

The group exhibition was the result of the Cornwall Workshop 2019 led by artist Andy Holden with guest collaborator, composer and artist Mira Calix. The workshop aimed to explore the impact of technology on our understanding of nature through lectures, talks, reading groups, screenings, and expeditions. The exhibition emerged from conversations that took place during the residency, centering on topics such as ecology, second bodies, hyperobjects, and the eerie, suspended state we have since found ourselves in.


Between Dry Air and Wet Grass, 2022
Oil on paper, watercolour on paper, laser print on paper, inkjet ink on cotton fabric, glazed earthenware, wooden shelf
Dimensions variable